Shankar Balasubramanian

Foundation Lecture

The Foundation Lecture is the College's major annual public lecture; lecturers are often distinguished alumni, Fellows or former Fellows of the College.

The first lecture in the series, 'Antibiotics and Therapy in Perspective', was given in 1969 by Nobel Laureate and alumnus Sir Ernst Chain (one of the discoverers of antibiotics) as a Centenary Lecture, to celebrate the admission of the first non-collegiate students in 1869. 

Year Speaker Lecture Title (links to podcasts where available)
2016 Professor David Cardwell Bulk Superconductors: Revolution or Red Herring? 
2015 Professor Maurice Bloch The Contributions of British Social Anthropology to the Human Sciences
2014 Professor Shankar Balasubramanian Decoding Human Genomes on a Population Scale
2013 Ken Olisa OBE Double Standards: Perspectives on Life in Public Companies and Public Office
2012 Helena Morrissey CBE Women on Boards: The Power of an Idea whose Time has Come
2011 Professor John Mullan The Business of Literary Fiction
2010 Professor Angus Deaton    The Wellbeing of the World: Global Patterns of Health, Wealth and Happiness
2009 Professor Andrew Motion The Growth of a Poet’s Mind
2007 Professor Colin Blakemore Whose Science is it Anyway?
2006 Professor Chris Rapley Antarctica – Closer Than You Think
2005 Lord Butler of Brockwell Cabinet Government
2004 Professor Martin Millett The Archaeology of Social Integration in the Roman World
2003 Sir Peter Bazalgette Whatever You Need, Whatever You Want: Television’s Shift from Paternalism to Populism
2002 Dr David Starkey CBE The Modern Monarchy: Rituals of Privacy and Their Subversion
2001 Professor Baroness Susan Greenfield The Brain of the Future
2000 Professor Norman Pounds The Diocletian Line and the Balkans Conflict
1999 Professor Lord Winston GM Tots
1998 Professor Robert Lethbridge Paris, Painting and Pretexts
1997 Mrs Steve Shirley The Journey to Empowerment
1996 Dr Robin Porter Goff   Newton to Giotto and other Dimensions of Engineering
1995 Sir Louis Blom-Cooper A Free and Wayward Press: A Question of Regulation
1994 Professor F Garcia-Moliner Science as a Question of General Interest
1993 Lord St John of Fawsley  The Select Committees – Why, How and What Next?
1992 Professor Tony Cross St Petersburg and the British in the 18th Century
1991 Professor Alan Cuthbert The Natural (and Unnatural) History of Disease
1990 Dr Nigel Kenney England’s Green and Pleasant Land – Now and Forever? 
1989 Professor Richard Smith Britain’s Ageing Population: A Historian’s View
1988 Dr Harry Hudson Living with Fungi – Choice or Obligation
1987 Dr David Pearl He Who Openeth the Door: British Immigration Law and Policy and the South Asian Family
1986 Dr Clifford Roberton Viability in Pre-Term Infants – Is there a Limit?
1985 Professor Tony Bottoms The Short, Sharp Shock: History, Research and Ideology
1984 Professor Brian Johnson The Shape of Things to Come
1983 Dr Jack Dominian   The Foundation of the Personality from Anger to Love
1982 Dr César Milstein Monoclonal Antibodies: a Windfall of Basic Research  
1981 Professor Sir James Holt  Robin Hood
1980 Mr Humphrey Burton Television in the 80s: the Decline and Fall of the BBC
1979 Professor John Coles Experimental Archaeology
1975 Revd Dr Basil Hall Boz v Stiggins: Dickens and Religion
1974 Sir Eric Thompson The Civilisation of the Maya
1973 Dr Walter Grave The Early History of Fitzwilliam College
1972 Dr Edward Miller The Medieval Countryside of Northern England
1971 Mr Lee Kuan Yew East and West: the Twain Have Met
1970 Professor Gordon Rupp   Thomas Müntzer and the Problems of a ‘Just Revolution'
1969 Professor Ernst Chain Antibiotics and Therapy in Perspective
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