Dr Andrew Hacket Pain

Bye Fellow
Forest Ecology and Biogeography, with a focus on European forests
Director of Studies, Geography

Dr Andrew Hacket Pain

Dr Andrew Hacket Pain
Dr Andrew Hacket Pain


I am responsible for teaching Physical Geography at Fitzwilliam, particularly for the first year Geographers. I teach a wide variety of topics, including climate change (throughout Earth's history and over the last few centuries), Geomorphology (coastal, terrestrial) and Ecology and Biogeography. I also teach on the Part IB Biogeography paper. My research uses tree rings (I am a dendrochronologist) to investigate tree and forest growth in European temperate forests, and relate spatial and temporal variations in growth to climate (and climate change) along with other factors related to ontogeny (e.g. changes in reproductive effort through an individual tree's lifespan).

I also teach undergraduate Geographers in Oxford (St Catherine's College).


  • 28 June 2017
    Bye-Fellow Andrew Hacket-Pain hosted a forest modelling workshop in College earlier this month.
  • 19 May 2017
    Paper by Andrew Hacket-Pain in New Phytologist sheds light on why beech trees across Europe all produce huge numbers of seeds in the same year.
  • 03 November 2016
    Undergraduates, graduates, and Fellows took part in Sunday’s Fitzwilliam’s 5k fun run organised by Dr Rachel Camina and Dr Matthew Wingate.
  • 20 September 2016
    Two teams composed of staff and Fellows from Fitzwilliam College ran in the Chariots of Fire race for the third time on 18 September.