Dr Joao Duarte

Bye Fellow
Macroeconomics, Housing, Monetary Policy

Dr Joao Duarte

Dr Joao Duarte, Bye-Fellow

Joao is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Economics. He teaches various topics in macroeconomics, including economic growth and macroeconometrics.

He did his PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his research interests are in the intersection of macroeconomics and housing.

He incorporates micro-founded features of the housing market into macroeconomic models to study how certain macro policies affect the housing market and vice-versa.

Joao uses a combination of time series structural estimation, calibration and theory to study these research questions. In particular, he looked at how monetary policy affected the housing rents in the US and in turn rents affected the reaction of monetary policy to inflation.