Dr Brendan Dyck

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Dr Brendan Dyck

Brendan Dyck

Born and raised in western Canada, I studied for a BSc and MSc in Geology at the University of Calgary and Lund University, Sweden.

After working for various national geological surveys, I moved to Oxford to study the melting behaviour of Earth’s crust and was awarded a PhD in Earth Sciences from University College.

My research in Cambridge delves further into the processes of melting and magma solidification that take place deep below the Earth’s surface. In particular, I develop new methods to read and understand how the Earth’s geological history is recorded by the shape, orientation, and way in which mineral grains fit together. My appointment at Cambridge is generously supported by the 1851 Royal Commission.

I enjoy discussing all aspects of Earth and planetary sciences, particularly when I can use everyday materials to illustrate geological principles.

I take part in a range of teaching and supervision roles, both at Fitzwilliam and through the department of Earth Sciences.