Classics is a lively and varied course, which incorporates the study of the full range of sources for life in the ancient Greek and Roman world. During the course students are given the opportunity to study not only Latin and Greek language and literature, but also philosophy, history, art, archaeology and linguistics.

Director of Studies

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Course structure

We admit two or three students per year. The College has two Fellows in Classics: Martin Millett (who is Professor of Classical Archaeology), and Sara Owen (Director of Studies in Classics). They will be involved in teaching you, along with other teachers in the Classics Faculty. The Director of Studies will act as your guide in the choices you make during your course at Cambridge and organize your teaching. She is also your first contact if you have further questions about the course, and will interview you if you apply to Fitzwilliam. 

Fitzwilliam student Daniella Briscoe-Peaple tells us what it is like to study Classics at Cambridge.


The typical A Level offer is A*AA. The typical IB offer is 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level.

There are now a variety of routes into the study of Classics at Cambridge University in general and Fitzwilliam College in particular. For the standard Classics three year BA course, many will have both Latin and Greek A level, and either Latin or Greek Alevel is a requirement. About half of the current undergraduates in Classics are learning one of the languages at Cambridge, either from scratch or from a higher level (eg GCSE).

You can also apply for Classics if you have little or no Latin or Greek. The four-year course has been specifically designed for this purpose, and this College very much welcomes applications from those who have a real interest in Classics but have not yet had the opportunity to study the languages. We also welcome applications from those who wish to combine either Latin or Greek with the study of a modern language. For those who have a specific interest in Classical archaeology, it is possible to combine the study of Classics with Archaeology and Anthropology and therefore focus entirely on the archaeological aspects of Classical civilization. Fitzwilliam very much welcomes such candidates.

Applicants are required to submit two pieces of recent written work as part of their application.

Applicants are also required to sit the Classics admissions written assessment, if invited for interview. There are separate assessments for the three- and four-year courses. More information can be found on the University website.

Essay competition for Lower Sixth Formers

Fitzwilliam College runs an annual Ancient World Essay Competition for Lower Sixth Formers (incorporating essay questions on ancient history, philosophy, art & archaeology, Classical literature and society). Essay titles are usually published on the College website in Michaelmas (autumn term). The 2015-16 competition questions and results can be viewed here.

More information

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The Cambridge Undergraduate Admissions Prospectus gives helpful information about the content and structure of the Classics course. The Oxbridge Schools Conference for Classics is held in May, and you should contact the Faculty for details about the event.

You can also book a place on one of our College general Open Days, where you'll be able to discuss the course with the Director of Studies and to chat to current undergraduates about student life at Cambridge.


  • Professor Martin Millett
    | Subject:
    Classical Archaeology
    Research: Social and economic archaeology of the Roman world
  • Dr Sara Owen
    | Subject:
    Director of Studies, Classics|Tutor for U/G Admissions Arts, Archaeology & Anthropology
    Research: Greek archaeology, particularly culture contact and exchange; Greek 'colonisation'.