Computer Science

Computer science is a fast-moving, exciting field that brings together many different disciplines, including mathematics, programming, engineering, the natural sciences, psychology and linguistics. It can be found in the technologies that run our transport infrastructure, our economics, our homes and our communications systems.

At its heart, the discipline is one of problem solving – seeking out and implementing solutions. It has revolutionised the world we live in and will help to define our future. A Computer Science degree puts you at the forefront of this revolution and develops valuable transferable skills such as analytic thinking and programming.


The standard A Level offer for Computer Science is A*A*A and A Level Mathematics is required. Other useful subjects include Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The standard IB offer is 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level. Offers for the Computer Science with Mathematics course will include STEP paper conditions, usually grades 1,1 in papers II and III for applicants taking Further Maths, and grades 1,1 in papers I and II for those without Further Maths.

Applicants are required to sit the Computer Science admissions written assessment, if invited to interview. More information can be found on the University website.

Director of Studies

Dr Graeme Jenkinson 

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