On the Day

Most morning exams start at 9am and most afternoon exams at 1:30pm. Find out well in advance where your exam is being held (bearing in mind that each exam may be in a different location) and allow plenty of time to get there.

You must take your University Photo ID Card with you and place it on your desk alongside your name ticket. You may take a small screw-top bottle of water into the exam room with you. You must not take a mobile phone into any exam hall. Take your yellow timetable with your candidate number on it – you will need to write this number on all cover sheets.

In the Exam

As soon as you have found your desk you may read the top page of the question paper (to check that you have the correct one), and read the instructions (also called the “rubric”), but you must not turn the page to start reading the questions or to start writing until told to do so.

When invited to start, read through all the questions. If you think there is a mistake in a question, don't be afraid to ask straight away (mistakes do happen): an examiner is there for this purpose for the first 20 minutes of each exam.

If you become ill during an exam, ask the invigilator to contact the Tutorial Office.

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