Below is a list of events which new graduate students need to attend in the first two weeks of the Michaelmas term. In addition, the College MCR distributes a termcard of social events.

If you start your course in January or April, there will be fewer scheduled events - please visit the Graduate Officer’s office soon after you arrive in order to check matriculation and other details.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Introduction | 3.00pm | College Auditorium
An introduction and welcome by the Graduate Tutors and other members of the College. All new graduate students must attend.

Matriculation | The Grove
Matriculation follows the introduction meeting. If you have not previously been a student at the University of Cambridge, you must attend in order to matriculate. You can meet the MCR Committee and the Graduate Tutors for tea, coffee and cake at the same time.  If you are an international student, with a visa, you need to bring it with you to the matriculation, even if you have already done the visa registration.

Visa registration | 9.00am – 3.00pm | Tutorial Office, L staircase.
If you’re an overseas student who has travelled to the UK on any type of visa, the College is required to scan your visa and passport within a few days of your arrival. Please bring your documents to Tutorial Office on Saturday 1st October, at any time between 9.00am and 3.00pm. (If you  arrive before 1st October, bring your documents to the Tutorial Office as soon as you do arrive.).  

Tier 4 students will need to collect their BRP (British Residency Permit) after arriving in the UK.  Most students will collect this in Cambridge, and will have been given instructions by the International Student Team. Any student without their BRP by 1st October should bring the Entry Permit to the office instead.

Saturday 08 October 2016

Graduate photo | 1.30pm | The Grove Lawn
A formal College photograph of all graduate students, marking your arrival and matriculation. You will be able to order a copy for yourself. Academic gowns are required. Individual photos will be taken at 1.30pm, followed by large group photo at 2.00pm.

Graduate conference and dinner | 2.30pm onwards | Auditorium & dining hall
Graduate talks, a keynote speaker, and poster presentations, followed by the Graduate Welcome Dinner. All new graduate students should attend. Dinner is free, but booking is necessary - invitations are sent to all graduate students by email from the Stewards Secretary. Academic gowns are required for the dinner.