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Your first week

If you start your course in the Michaelmas term, there will be events you must attend and a few more which are optional. If you start your course in January or April, there will be fewer scheduled events - please visit the Graduate Officer's office (L staircase) soon after you arrive in order to check matriculation and other details.

Things to do in your first week

The dates below apply to those arriving for the Michaelmas Term 2017. If you are arriving in January or April, there are few specific dates, but please complete everything as soon as possible.

Connect to the College network.

College rooms have internet connections for your own computer, and there are computer facilities in the library. For help and instructions, visit our computing section >>

Complete the Student on-line Registration process 

This is an annual process which should be completed before 1st October.  If you have not completed it before your arrival in Cambridge, it should be completed immediately. The process allows you to collect your University email address and passwords and to check the personal data that is held about you.

Register your visa

If you’re an overseas student who has travelled to the UK on any type of visa, the UK Border Agency requires the College to scan your visa and passport within a few days of your arrival. Please bring your documents to the Tutorial Office (L staircase) on Saturday 30 September, at any time between 9.00am and 2.30pm. (N.B. If you arrive earlier than 28 September, bring your documents to the Tutorial Office as soon as you do arrive.)

Pay your College bill

This bill will be sent to you via email. Payment is due by the eighth day of Full Term - for Michaelmas 2017  this is Wednesday 11 October. For more information, visit our 'Fees and Funding' pages >>

Open a Bank Account

If you are new to the UK, you will need to open a bank account. Many UK banks offer accounts tailored to the needs of international students so it is best to speak to several and find out which is best for you.

The bank may ask you to supply a letter from Fitzwilliam College which confirms that you are a student with accommodation here. Letters of this type can be obtained from the Tutorial Office with a few days’ notice.  Please use the letter request form.

Buy an academic gown

You will need one for the matriculation photo and dinner on 7 October - and also for any Formal Hall dinners you attend, and for your graduation. The Graduate Union website explains which gown you will need and where to get it. (In additional, please note the College's own dress requirements for graduation day). The two criteria for determining which gown you need are a) whether you hold a Cambridge University degree already and b) your age.  You can buy or hire second hand gowns from the Graduate Union, or from the outfitters shops, Ede and Ravenscroft, or Ryder and Amies.

Meet your tutor

The College has a team of six graduate tutors. In the first week or two of term, you will have a chance to meet your assigned graduate tutor – Dr Rachel Camina, Professor David Coomes, Dr Jonathan Cullen, Dr Susan Larsen, Dr Jason Rentfrow or Professor Bhaskar Vira. Your Tutor's name will be included in the 'Welcome Pack' sent to your pigeon hole. Your tutor assists with non-academic care and welfare issues while you’re at College. (Your tutor does not teach you – for teaching, your department will allocate a supervisor and/or course director.)

Find out about social events

The MCR Committee organizes a varied programme of events to bring the new graduate community together and to help them get to know Cambridge. Visit the MCR website >>

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