Giving from the UK

If you are a UK tax payer, Gift Aid can increase the value of your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you. Higher-rate tax payers can also personally reclaim tax on gifts – find out more.

Single cash gifts

You can make a single gift online, or download a gift form and return it to the Development Office along with your means of payment. Alternatively, you can contact the Development Office to donate over the phone by credit or debit card, or make a bank transfer. 

Regular gifts

You can set up a regular monthly, quarterly or annual gift online. Alternatively, please download a gift form and return it to the Development Office.

Donating straight from your wages or pension

If your employer, company or personal pension provider runs a Payroll Giving scheme, you can simply tell them to make a donation to Fitzwilliam from your wages or pension before taking off any tax. For example, if you pay tax at the basic rate of 20% and make a monthly donation of £10, you save £2 tax (20% of £10), meaning the actual cost of the donation to you is £8. Contact your Human Resources or Personnel department to set up Payroll Giving.

Gift matching schemes

Many companies also operate gift-matching schemes. When an employee makes a gift to a registered charity, the company matches this donation, either in full or in part. To find out if your company operates such a scheme and to obtain a copy of their matching gift form, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel department.

Gifts of listed shares, securities and real property

Gifts of listed shares, securities and real property by UK tax payers have become one of the most tax-efficient ways of giving. They attract full relief from Capital Gains Tax and, in addition, allow you to claim Income Tax relief on the full value of the gift at the time the shares, securities or real property are transferred to the College – a double tax saving. Please contact the Development Director who will be pleased to assist.

Donating via your Self Assessment tax return

If you complete a Self Assessment tax return, you can donate to Fitzwilliam all or part of any tax repayment due to you, simply by entering the College’s details in the relevant section of the tax return form.  Gifts made in this way are also eligible for Gift Aid.