Classification Scheme

We use the Bliss Classification Scheme. The classmark is printed on the spine of every book. Books are shelved in strict classmark order.

The classmark is in 3 parts:

Subject:  EBP for Biochemistry  Author: first 3 letters Voe for Voet    Edition: number in brackets

So, for Voet et al. Fundamentals of Biochemistry, 3rd ed.  the classmark is EBP [Voe(3)]

Class Order

Subject Order

Subject Class Subject Class
Philosophy A Agriculture GS
Logic AL Anatomy/Physiology HB
Pure maths AM Ancient History LG
Computer Science AX Anglo-Saxon YA
Statistics AY Anthropology K
History & Philosophy of Science AZ Applied Maths B
Applied Maths B Archaeology LA
Physics B Architecture VB
Engineering BX Astronomy DA
Chemistry C Biochemistry EBP
Chemical Engineering CT Biology E
Materials science CTN Botany F
Metallurgy CV British History N
Astronomy DA Building UO
Earth Sciences DH Chemical Engineering CT
Geology DH Chemistry C
Geography DT Classics XD
Human/economic geography DU Computer Science AX
Biology E Criminology QO
Biochemistry EBP Earth Sciences DH
Botany F Economics T
Zoology G Education J
Agriculture GS Engineering BX
Veterinary science GU English Y
Human biology H European History M
Anatomy/Physiology HB Fine Arts V
Medicine HH Geography DT
Psychology/psychiatry I Geology DH
Education J Historiography LB
Social sciences K History L-O
Anthropology K History & Philosophy of Science AZ
Social anthropology KS Human biology H
Travel and exploration KZ Human/economic geography DU
Archaeology LA Law S
Historiography LB Linguistics W
Ancient History LG Logic AL
History L-O Management TQ
European History M Materials science CTN
British History N Medicine HH
World History O Metallurgy CV
Religion P Military Science US
Theology P Modern & medieval langs XI
Social welfare Q Music VV
Criminology QO Norse & Celtic XC
Political science R Philosophy A
Reference works REF Physics B
Law S Political science R
Economics T Psychology/psychiatry I
Management TQ Pure maths AM
Building UO Reference works REF
Military Science US Religion P
Fine Arts V Social anthropology KS
Architecture VB Social sciences K
Music VV Social welfare Q
Linguistics W Statistics AY
Norse & Celtic XC Theology P
Classics XD Travel and exploration KZ
Modern & medieval langs XI Veterinary science GU
English Y World History O
Anglo-Saxon YA Zoology G