Larry Elliott lecture online

Friday, 10 February, 2017 - 16:30
Larry Elliott speaking at Fitzwilliam College 2017-02-02

150 people attended Larry Elliott's lecture on Thursday 2 Feb: "How a failed economic system led to Brexit and President Donald Trump."

Fitzwilliam College alumnus Larry Elliott (History 1974) is the Economics Editor of The Guardian. His particular areas of interest are globalisation, trade, Europe, development, and the interface between economics and the environment. He is a council member of the Overseas Development Institute, and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Hertfordshire. His latest book is Europe isn't Working.

Listen to Larry Elliott's lecture here>>

Book your place for the next lecture "Economic theory meets cyber society", to be given by Paul Ormerod on Thursday 25 May. 

Abstract:  All scientific theories make simplifying assumptions in order to understand the world.  The real question is whether they are reasonable.  Cyber society poses fundamental challenges to the core theory of economics, so-called rational choice theory.  This theory has been enormously influential with policy makers, at both the micro and macro levels.  But completely different approaches are needed for the 21st century.