May Bumps Roundup

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017 - 09:45
May Bumps 2017 Fitzwilliam College Cambridge - credit Jessica Halliday

Blades and spoons for Fitzwilliam College crews in this year's May Bumps.

Congratulations to the Fitz W1 rowing crew whom, after a very quick bump on Pembroke W1, obtained blades in the top women's May Bumps division. The crew are now at position 13, having gone up eight places in the span of two years. Amazing achievement!

Bumps wouldn’t be Bumps without a set of spoons though. Despite a strong row, the W2 crew were unfortunately caught by Homerton’s W2 just before Billyfield, where they pulled in for a spoons celebration with a glass of Pimm’s! W2 remains unfazed and everyone from the crew has vowed to stay on and come back better and stronger next May to earn their first bump. 

The M1 crew had a great start, gaining on Wolfson M1 as they passed Billyfield, but unfortunately got caught by Homerton M1 before the reach, finishing two down. 

Better news, however, for the M2 crew, who managed to catch Churchill M2 this time round, and returned to their starting position following one bump, two row-overs and being bumped once.

Helen Fishwick (Natural Sciences 2014), Captain of the Boats, said: "Thank you to everyone who contributed to another good year for FCBC, including not just rowers but coxes, coaches and subs. It was great to see four boats taking part in bumps last week. W1 in particular enjoyed fantastic success, which was well deserved after the incredible commitment and hard work I have seen from each and every one of them throughout the year. They have made me a very proud Captain."  

Well done to all the rowers who have trained very hard this term for May Bumps 2017!

The Fitzwilliam College W1 crew celebrating winning blades in this year’s May Bumps Photo credit: Bjoern Zeeb | Top-right photo credit: Jessica Halliday

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