Modern Pentathlon National Ranking

Tuesday, 31 January, 2017 - 09:00
Student Alice Watson taking part in Modern Pentathlon National Ranking

Alice Watson (Veterinary Medicine 2011) took part in the first Modern Pentathlon National Ranking competition of the season earlier this month.

The event, held on 15 January, kicked off with a swimming competition, followed by fencing, laser-run –running and shooting combined-, and finished with horse riding.

Among those taking part, 20 were athletes who had competed internationally for Great Britain in 2016, including Olympian Kate French, who was Alice’s partner during the fencing leg of the event.  

Alice, who is the President of the Cambridge University Modern Pentathlon Club (CUMPC), placed 12/15. Following the event Alice said: “Being able to compete in world class facilities was an amazing experience, and something I wouldn’t ever have dreamed of before starting at Fitzwilliam College.”

The University’s Club recruits year-round, so if you would like to give Modern Pentathlon a try please contact Alice here.

Student Alice Watson with her fencing partner

Fencing event - Alice Watson (right) and Jen Peacock of the Yorkshire Modern Pentathlon Club (left)