New Fellows for 2016

Tuesday, 22 November, 2016 - 11:15
New Fellows 2016

Fitzwilliam welcomes five new Fellows in 2016: Dr Enrico Crema, Mr Tilman Flock, Dr Daria Frank, Dr Nicola Jones (Development Director) and Professor Ianthi Tsimpli.

Dr Enrico Crema (top left) is a University Lecturer in Computational Analysis of Long-Term Human Cultural and Biological Dynamics. His most recent work focuses on the development of computational techniques for reconstructing prehistoric population dynamics and inferring patterns of social learning from archaeological data. Read more »

Mr Tilman Flock (top right) is a Research Fellow. His research uses machine learning and computational biology to integrate diverse large-scale experimental data from high-throughput biophysics, biochemistry and cell biology to infer the molecular mechanisms of how certain drugs such as opioids cause side effects.  Read more »

Dr Nicola Jones is the College’s new Development Director. She holds a PhD in Medieval French and Italian and was previously Deputy Development Director at Robinson College. Read more »  

Dr Daria Frank (bottom left) is a Research Fellow. She studies the subsurface oil distribution in the ocean after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill by conducting small-scale laboratory experiments and developing theoretical models. Read more »

Professor Ianthi Tsimpli (bottom right) is Chair of English and Applied Linguistics at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages. She teaches and researches in bilingualism/multilingualism, language development and impairment, and theoretical syntax. Read more »

The following Fellows have left the College this year: Dr Bill Allison (now a Life Fellow), Dr Helen Bettinson (now a Bye-Fellow), Dr Maria Iacovou, Dr David M Scott (now a Life Fellow), and Dr Philine zu Ermgassen.