Teaching posts for Dyck and Wilkinson

Thursday, 20 July, 2017 - 13:00
Dr Brendan Dyck and Dr Hazel Wilkinson, Bye-Fellow and Fellow of Fitzwilliam College Cambridge

Dr Brendan Dyck and Dr Hazel Wilkinson have been offered teaching/research positions at Simon Fraser University and the University of Birmingham, respectively.

Dr Brendan Dyck, Earth Sciences Bye-Fellow, will be Assistant Professor in Petrology at the Department of Earth Sciences at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. Whilst at Cambridge, Dyck’s research has focused on the processes of melting and magma solidification that take place deep below the Earth’s surface. In particular, he has developed new methods to read and understand how the Earth’s geological history is recorded by the shape, orientation, and way in which mineral grains fit together. "I am excited to build a research group at Simon Fraser University, but will certainly miss the great community at Fitz. To the many Fellows and students who have made my time at Fitz so enjoyable - thank you!" Brendan said.

Dr Hazel Wilkinson, English Fellow, will be taking up a University of Birmingham Fellowship at the university’s Department of English. Birmingham Fellows receive five years of protected time for research before progressing to a full lectureship. During this period, Hazel will be teaching eighteenth-century literature alongside her research. Hazel’s research concerns the eighteenth-century book trade, with a particular focus on publications of Renaissance poets and dramatists. She is currently writing a history of an eighteenth-century printing house, which will investigate how the book trade helped to formalise the study of the English literary past. Following her appointment, Wilkinson said: “My three-year Research Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College gave me the time and resources to build my research profile, allowing me to compete for this fantastic opportunity at Birmingham. Fitz has been a wonderfully supportive place to begin my career.”