Winter Ball Success

Thursday, 15 December, 2016 - 17:00
Suspect Winter Ball 2016

The Fitzwilliam Winter Ball ‘Suspect’ on 1 December, had a Cluedo theme – guests had to find the culprit. With 950 guests, it was a sell-out.

The Committee had been hard at work since January 2016 to ensure that the Winter Ball, which is held every two years, was a success.

The Grove Lawn was transformed with a professional fairground ride; there was a casino in the ‘Billiard Room’ aka the SCR; dancing in ‘Miss Scarlett’s Ballroom’; comedy in ‘Professor Plum’s Parlour’. Headline acts included Will and the People and Byron the Aquarius.

Winter Ball dining

Photo: Oliver Robinson 

Millie Paine (HSPS 2014), President, praised her committee and reflected on the event.

'It's incredible to think how far both the ball and the committee have come since our first ever meeting in January, where we sat down to get to know one another and discuss the theme. Over the past 12 months our initial ideas have slowly been becoming a reality, and gaining momentum in the past two.

Winter Ball entertainment

Photo: Oliver Robinson 

‘Whilst the night had its stresses, I was overwhelmed by how well each and every committee member pulled together to make the night such a huge success. Noise complaints, a broken chocolate fountain and a 26-hour stint with no sleep whilst we took down panel after panel of fencing were just a few issues we had to contend with, but we took them in our stride and have come out the other side all the better for it.

‘Ultimately, the ball has been one of the most difficult things I've ever done but certainly the most rewarding!' 

Millie also thanked the many Fitzwilliam staff who were also involved in supporting the Ball.

'I would like to personally extend my thanks on behalf of the entire committee to all of the College staff and heads of department who made this night such a success - in particular to Andy Milne (Domestic Bursar) and Stuart Douglas (Head Porter), who supported the committee all the way from the start of the process in January to the night itself.'

And the culprit was …?


Congratulations to all the committee (pictured below)! 

Winter Ball Committee

President  - Millie Paine
Vice-President - Hana Gudelis
Treasurer - Kyle Johnson
Logistics - Aleksandra Leszeck (Head), Kane Colston, Carl Martin.
Food and Drink - Sam Porter and Patrick Harlow
Publicity - Katie Bryden and Annabel Nash
Ents - Aoife Matchett (Head), Zachary Lawton, Viktor Kewenig, Jamie Arnett
Website - George Ash
Secretary - Mia Charlton
Employment - Isla Phillips and Sandeepa Welgama
Scene - Lucy Cole, Tom Phillips and Kirill Lasis
Technical and Security – Charlie Jonas
Exec Advisor - Damiano Sogaro

Auditorium entrance Packing up the Ball Kirill Lasis