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What is RSS?

RSS or 'Really Simple Syndication' delivers information to you and retains it until you are ready to read it. You pick the information you want by subscribing to RSS 'feeds' from different websites. A feed is a website page that has been designed to send updates each time it changes. You subscribe to the feed using the address of the website page - the 'feed URL'. Each time your feeds change, you receive the updates all in one place.

You read an RSS feed through a program called an 'RSS reader', a 'feed reader', or a 'news aggregator'. You can download one onto your computer from the Internet, or use a web-based service and access it with your web browser.

How do I set it up?

  1. Download an RSS reader, or set up an account on a web-based RSS reader.
  2. Click on the RSS link or button.
  3. From the browser's address bar, copy the URL.

    This is the 'feed URL'.
  4. Open your RSS reader.
  5. Add a new feed. See your RSS reader's help for instructions.

    A text box for the feed URL displays.
  6. Paste the feed URL into the text box.
  7. Subscribe to the new feed.

Free Web-Based RSS Readers: